Q. I want a stall, what do I do?
A. Just email us at sellers@alternativebringandbuy.co.uk, stating what you’ll be selling, and what kind of stall you would like.

< dt>Q. I want to get on your mailing list – how do I join?

A. You can join our mailing list by visiting our subscribe page
Q. How much are the stalls?
  • Table (which we provide, 2ftx4ft approx) = £8.00
  • Rail space(BYO rail, no longer than 5ft) = £8.00
  • Table+rail space (BYO rail) = £12.00
  • Large table (circular, approx 8ft diameter) = £14
Q. How do I pay for my stall hire?
A. We take payment up front. This means when you book your stall, we’ll email you a PayPal invoice which you then pay (er, via PayPal!). This secures your spot. If you need to cancel, as long as you let us know with 48hours notice of the sale, we’ll refund you in full.We don’t take payment in any other form aside from via PayPal.
Q. Do I have to bring my own rail when I reserve a rail space?
A. Yes! There are cheap ones available from Argos for £8.99.
Q. What kind of stuff do you allow on the stalls?
A. As long as it’s ‘alternative’, it should be fine. The sale of alcohol however, is not permitted (nor anything else that requires a licence).
Q. I want a stall, but there are no spaces left – is there a reserve list?
A. Yes, if there are no spaces left, we will offer you a space on our reserve list, in case any sellers drop out in the last couple of weeks.
Q. Something’s come up, and I can’t attend with my stall – what do I do?
A. Tell us! If you let us know with 48 hours notice, we’ll refund your payment. Additionally, we email any no-shows to find out what happened; if there is no response/suitable excuse, they are dropped from our mailing list.
Q. Where do all the profits go?
A. Running costs. We also support the London Goth Meetup Group; the door fee goes to them, to help with their running costs/future events. A percentage of their money sometimes goes to charity.

Any other questions, don’t hesitate to email us at: enquiries@alternativebringandbuy.co.uk

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